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The worldwide
most innovative back razors.

Made in Germany.

Experience the easy-raze

This worldwide unique product allows to have an independent shave of parts of your body difficult to reach, the back for example. The easyraze is able to fix different types of wet-razors, so it allows personal preferences.

Only trust the original, made in germany! We are sure not to disappoint you and you will be content with easy-raze for years. We give you a warranty of 4 years for bow and clip!

Care instructions

It may be used in wet and dry shaving. Many of the users do it in the dry manner. It is important then, to keep the skin dry as well as the razor. Please clean it by beating only, not by rinsing!

With longer or extremely thick/dense hair or sensitive skin wet shaving makes sense.

To get shaving foam on your back, please use the included foaming roller. For best results, please use shaving foam.

The easy-raze is variable in several levels. For turning the clip at the handle please always loosen the rimmed screw ca. 1–1.5 turns in order not to damage the ankle. There is the possibility to fix wet-razors with different forms of handle. Please, fix the razor at the lower half of the handle. For very thin or smooth handles use one of the rubber cases as an adjustment between razor and clip. You can vary the bendings of the bow, too. Hold the head and the thin area into boiling water for about 3 minutes. Remove the clamp and the screws before! Bend the thin area as you need it, fix the new angle and cool the area down under running water. So you can adapt the bow perfectly to your needs!

Easy-raze may be used in a convex and in a concave position. For that please fix the clip at the second nose of the handle. Looks funny? Try it! The photographs once more show you some possibilities of your easy-raze.

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