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The worldwide
most innovative back razor for men.

100% Made in Germany.

The easy-raze 2.0

A complete body razor set

The perfect way to shave your back!

Nowadays many people consider body hair as unaesthetic. Especially men’s back hair. Additionally to the aesthetics factor, this part of the body is very hard to reach by oneself. Therefore it is problematic to remove these hair parts indepentently.

Earlier hair removal methods for men like waxing, laser treatments or trimming are either expensive, painful, ineffective or time-consuming. The developement of the easy raze tool minimizes these problems and you can do it all by yourself without the need of another helping person!

Applicable both as a perfect wet shave, as well as dry shave.

A razor system for modern body shaving.

The Features

Perfect fixation of the shaving device

Shaving bar thermoplastically deformable – for optimal adjustment

3 blade, forward-pivoting head with active blades (Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Comfort)

Foaming roller

4 year warranty

New improved 2.0 glass fiber clamps

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