easy-raze – back razor


The original easy-raze 2.0 body and back shaver wet shaving set for men (Made in Germany) with adapter handle as arm extension. Foaming roller, razor (3 blades / blade), spacer sleeves, instructions & 4 year warranty. Fits all popular wet razors, no expensive replacement blades needed! Remove back hair – quickly and safely!


easy-raze is a perfect everyday helper for back depilation: trouble-free shaving even in hard-to-reach parts of the body – safe shaving at all angles and in all directions of growth.

The wet shave with its smooth, fast and irritation-free result is still unmatched for back shaving.

New: From now on with further optimized razor fixation. We have added an additional clamping rib to the wet razor holder for you, slightly optimized the shape and added 25% more glass fiber to the plastic. The result is a further maximized range of usable wet razors and a further increased durability and clamping force.

The professional easy-raze back shaving system with the special shape of the handle, the clamp that can be adjusted in a variety of ways by means of a grid, the special design of the clamp and the convex / concave shaped extension in conjunction with the ergonomic handle allow optimal shaving of hard-to-reach areas and thorough removal of hair even against the direction of growth.

With a normal width blade you safely and effectively remove body hair even on depressions such as shoulder blades, neck and spine Long easy-raze life is guaranteed by the use of special materials such as fiberglass-reinforced plastic and stainless steel Advantages: Special shape of the handle for high flexibility.

Ergonomic handle shape: thorough hair removal even against the direction of growth. Optimal application of shaving foam/gel due to the included foaming roller. Easy shaving in hard-to-reach areas of the body.

High durability due to long-lasting materials (plastic, stainless steel) Made in Germany.



  • Effective back shaving in all angles and directions – The body / back shaver for men easy-raze 2.0 , in combination with any wet razor, thoroughly removes the back hair even against the direction of growth. The body shaver for men and their backs!
  • Functionality through concave/convex use – special temple shape in combination with the ergonomic handle allow safe, fast and effective shaving for men.
  • Optimal customizability – temple adapter is thermoplastic deformable for maximum customization, razor clamp is adjustable in many ways by means of a grid.
  • Special shape of the temple and special design of the clamp – perfect handling of the temple and thoughtful adjustability generate a variety of positioning = optimal hair removal.


Scope of delivery:

  • Adapter bracket with premium clamping (bracket thermoplastic deformable).
  • Adapter with adjustable razor holder
  • Foaming roller
  • 3-blade floating head razor (Wilkinson Xtreme 3 Comfort)
  • Distance sleeve / rubber sleeve
  • Instruction manual (German/English)